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Moisture detector

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Device Overview

Moisture analyzer that is moisture meter. Can detect all kinds of organic and inorganic solids, liquids, gases and other samples in the moisture content of the instrument called moisture analyzer, according to the principle of measurement can be classified physical testing and chemical determination of two categories. Karl Fischer method, toluene method, etc., the International Organization for Standardization Karl Fischer method (Karl Fischer) method, the method of chemical analysis of the main methods of Karl Fischer, As a measure of trace moisture international standards, our country also set this method as a national standard for measuring trace moisture.

For Pan Wai

The first step: press the calibration key, put the weight, automatic calibration. Step 2: Sampling 3g, press "↑" to store the weight, press the test button to start work. Step 3: When the instrument is heating up, the instrument is displaying the missing moisture value. The fourth step: the end of the measurement (3 minutes), the instrument displays the final water content, record data.

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