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Double - sided grinding machine

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Device Overview

Double-lapping machine is mainly used for two-sided parallel crystal or other mechanical parts for double-sided grinding, especially the brittle materials processing.

Scope of application

The upper and lower grinding discs rotate in the opposite direction, and the workpiece is revolved in the carrier for both orbital motion. Small grinding resistance does not damage the workpiece, and both sides of uniform grinding production efficiency. A grating thickness control system, after processing the product thickness tolerance can be controlled. The double-sided grinding machine consists of two grinding discs, cruise ships, four motors, sun gears, shaving machines and the like. Compared to the two-sided grinding machine structure is relatively more complicated, but if the need for double-sided grinding of the workpiece with double-sided machine for grinding efficiency than the single-sided machine virtually twice as fast. The birth and development of this double-sided grinding machine for many industries has brought improvements in production efficiency. With more of the optical glass industry, silicon, sapphire substrates, epitaxial wafers and so on.

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