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Company Introduction

Business Content

        JunHua chinaPEEK is Focus on the manufacturing and application of PEEK, PI, PPSU and other engineering plastic raw material, semi-finished and finished products.


Business Objective

Through working with research institute, material supplier and clients, we want to promote super engineering plastic more widely used in industries like textile dyeing printing machinery, automotive, semiconductor, Solar, FPD, analysis & measuring instrument, food processing, beverage filling and packaging, medical, etc.




Process Capability

◆ Recipe design and compound of  PEEK, PI and PPSU raw material
◆ Mold injection and CNC of PEEK, PI
◆ Output 3D drawing according to sample
◆ Mold design and manufacturing
◆ Design and manufacture new products according to the clients’ need
◆ Thousands of molds for PEEK, PI, PPS, of different industries like Semi conductor, Automotive, Textile Dyeing, Oil & Gas, Medical, Packaging, etc.
◆ The continuous extrusion of PEEK sheet, rod, pipe and film.


PEEK, PI Application forms and products

The PEEK and PI components made by our company have already been widely used in automotive, semi-conductor, textile dyeing and printing, packaging, medical, oil & gas and nuclear industries, they are usually used as self-lubricating bush, valve seat, screw, slider, etc. Please check more details from our product display part, we also welcome you to visit our display room in our company.


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