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WEDM machine tools

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Equipment Overview:

WEDM machine tools

Scope of application

(1) line cutting - NC WEDM short.

(2) works: the use of moving wire as a tool electrode, and the wire and the workpiece to pass between the pulse current, the use of pulse discharge corrosion of the workpiece cutting process.

(3) Because it uses the wire electrode, therefore, can only be used for contour cutting.

(4) the working principle. 1 - numerical control device 2 - storage Jane 3 - guide wheel 4 - electrode wire 5 - workpiece 6 - nozzle 7 - insulation plate 8 - pulse generator 9 - hydraulic pump 10 - tank 11 - Control the stepper motor

(5) When the gap between the workpiece and the wire electrode is enough to be pulse voltage breakdown, the spark discharge between the two and cutting the workpiece.

(6) through the numerical control device l issued by the command, control stepper motor 11, drive X, Y two pallet movement, can be processed to any curve contour of the workpiece.

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