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Centerless grinding machine

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Centerless cylindrical grinding machine has three main grinding methods; through-type, cut-in and cut through a type, through the centerless grinding. The workpiece is fed in the grinding wheel axis direction for grinding. Adjust the small angle of the guide wheel axis to achieve the workpiece axial feed. Suitable for grinding elongated cylindrical workpiece. No center hole of the short axis and sets of workpiece and so on. Cut - in centerless grinding. There are axial positioning fulcrum fulcrum, workpiece support in a certain position on the pallet to the wheel or guide wheel cut into the grinding. Used for grinding workpieces with shoulder or bosses, as well as cones, spheres or other rotating parts. Cut-through centerless grinding is a combination of the two. In addition, there are tangential feed grinding and the workpiece with the step in the axial direction, the end of the feed-back grinding. Centerless cylindrical grinders have higher productivity. More for mass production, easy to automate.

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