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PEEK helps the dream of aerospace, JUNHUA set sail !

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JUNHUA PEEK successfully passed the AS9100D system certification

PEEK and its composite materials have very excellent comprehensive properties, so they are widely used in aerospace and other fields. For example, Airbus, Boeing, ARJ, and 919 domestic large aircraft have relatively mature PEEK application cases, and PEEK solutions have been used on more than 15,000 aircraft. The use of PEEK material can reduce weight, improve fuel efficiency, optimize and simplify manufacturing and assembly processes, ensure stable, fast, and reliable supply, and can achieve safe flight and maintenance requirements for more than 20 years.

In the past ten years, JUNHUA PEEK has cooperated with AVIC, China Power and other units to develop and produce PEEK pipes, PEEK protective shells, CF/PEEK thermoplastic composite connection angle pieces and other products. In order to ensure quality and achieve traceability, after more than half a year of introduction and trial operation, it has successfully passed the third-party audit of AS9100D aviation quality management system certification (AS9100D+ISO9001 certification scope includes production and sales of PEEK boards, rods, tubes, other special projects plastic products and metal parts). This means that JUNHUA's special engineering plastics business such as polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and polyimide (PI) has taken another key step in the in-depth expansion of the aviation field.


CF/PEEK corner piece


Composite laminate

AS9100D International Aerospace Quality Management System

AS9100D is an aerospace quality management system standard developed on the basis of ISO9001 quality system requirements. It is suitable for civil aircraft, military aircraft and other aerospace equipment fields. This standard aims to establish a unified quality management system requirement for the aerospace industry. After years of evolution, the AS9100D version standard was formed. AS9100D can be said to be the "access card" in the aerospace field.


PEEK tubes

JUNHUA PEEK focuses on the application R&D, production and sales of PEEK, PI, PPSU and other high-performance special engineering plastic resin raw materials, profiles and products. At the same time, it has also developed CF/PEEK thermoplastic composite materials patented products for the needs of aerospace.

PEEK has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high strength, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, light weight and good flame retardancy. At present, there are many typical product forms of PEEK that are mature and used in aircraft, such as PEEK film for heat insulation, sound insulation and flame retardant, PEEK clamps and feet for fixing lines and pipes, PEEK pipes for low-pressure liquid transportation and Pipe fittings, CF/PEEK thermoplastic composite material connecting corner pieces and structural supports, PEEK tie bolts and nuts and other fasteners, PEEK connectors, etc.


PEEK clamps and feet


CF/PEEK sheet


PEEK film

JUNHUA PEEK successfully passed the certification audit, which is a full affirmation of the work carried out by the company since the establishment of the AS9100D international aerospace quality management system standard. It is also the company's plan to expand into new markets under the premise of ensuring the growth rate of existing fields. It is an important step in the realization of the "Five-Year Plan".

The acquisition of AS9100D certification not only marks that JUNHUA PEEK can formally enter the civil aerospace supplier market, it has laid a solid foundation for Junhua Special Plastics to develop domestic and foreign aerospace markets. It has also helped Junhua Special Plastics participate in the field of civil aviation,which provides a strong guarantee to scientific research and production tasks. It  will further enhance the core competitiveness and influence of Junhua Special Plastics.


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