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The production, application and development of PEEK catheter in the medical field

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I. Localization of PEEK materials


PEEK raw materials used to be imported from Britain Victrex, Belgium Solvay, Germany Evonik,etc.,but now Jusep(COPEEK) and ZY PEEK in China have been mass produced and sold before a decade. One new PEEK pellet/powder plant in Shandong province under construction is expected to be mass produced by Junhua PEEK in 2021.



II. Physicochemical properties of PEEK materials


1) Low elastic modulus close to the bone ( PEEK 3.8GPa or so, cancellous bone 3.2-7.8GPa, cortical bone 17-20GPA, Titanium Alloy TC4 110GPa) can prevent stress shielding effect and maintain the original strength of peripheral bone.


(2) X-ray transparency can be used for CT and MRI scanning so that the process of bone growth and healing can be easily evaluated; And in some cases where you need to see the implant, it can also be delivered by modified PEEK. Moreover, PEEK has a very stable chemical structure with strong radiation resistance, hence PEEK components can also work normally under high dose of ionizing radiation.


(3) Excellent disinfection properties, which can remain unchanged even after long-term exposure to hot steam, ethylene oxide and gamma rays. Harsh temperature to 250℃ can be long-term use, instant use temperature can reach 300℃.


(4) Good biocompatibility.


(5) Mechanical properties can be adjusted. Different additives, including carbon fiber, barium sulfate and glass fiber, can be added to meet different specific application requirements.


(6) With greater design freedom, it can be easily processed by semi-finished billets or produced by injection molding. PEEK can be processed by injection molding, extrusion molding, and 3D printing technology.


III. PEEK application in the medical field


PEEK Orthopedic Medical Devices


PEEK is widely used in orthopedic medical devices, such as sports medicine, joint field, cranial-maxillofacial surgery, interspinous devices. MDT (Medtronic), Depuy, Junhua PEEK, Smith & Nephew, etc., are in development and production in this field.PEEK injection molding and extrusion processes meet the medical biocompatibility that is a market trend. 


PEEK Medical Catheter


The upstream of medical catheter field mainly refer to the materials supply field, automation equipment field, medical device field, and others, while the downstream is medical institutions.


There is sufficient supply from upstream enterprises, which has slight effects on the medical catheter field. But the market demand from the downstream is the core factor to affect the growth and profitability of this field. In recent years, domestic enterprises take a big market share of PEEK medical catheters, such as Junhua PEEK and AP Technologies. With the further improvement of the leading company`s comprehensive strength, the market concentration will be elevated accordingly. 


China's medical catheter industry has begun to take shape, the overall pattern of export-oriented. This catheter is widely used for the domestic market, also mainly exported to other countries. Meanwhile, China also imports a large number of medical catheters every year to meet the demand for different products.PEEK medical catheter belongs to a basic medical device product, which is widely used in diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, first aid, drainage, perfusion, gas transport, blood transport, and rehabilitation.


With the development of modern science and technology, as well as the increasing average life expectancy of the world population and the aggravation of the aging trend, the application scope of the medical catheter in modern medical diagnosis and treatment and home care will continue to expand, and the importance will continue to rise, and the industry has great potential for future development.


There are strict environmental requirements on the production process of PEEK medical catheters. All of the production equipment and raw materials must conform to ISO13485 standard, strict sterilization, and disinfection. Plus, PEEK catheters should be completed after the multichannel working procedure manufacture, such as ring seals, sealing side, bilge, punching, forming, etc. Junhua PEEK and AP Technologies gain fame in this field.


PEEK is an indispensable material for the development of cutting-edge science and technology. More new fields and different PEEK applications are exploring.

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