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Bruckner Stenter Machine Screw Nut
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    • Bruckner Stenter Machine  Screw Nut
Quick Detail:
Model NO.: PEEKMaterial: PEEK

We produce the polymer PEEK material off of stereotypes AM screw adjustment nut, is used to replace the traditional copper nut.

As we manufacture and repair many of our products, we offer quick delivery times and competitive prices, along with the invaluable service and support our customers have always received.
1. Working temperature: 260-340 centigrade
2. Color: White, black, natural, beige
3. Flame retardant: UL: V-0

Item: Peek half nuts (for setting machine)
Material: PEEK
Color: White, black, natural, beige
Size: According to custom's requirement, drawing will be highly appreciated.
Weight: From 0.01gram to 10kgs
Tolerence: +/-0.04-0.1mm, according to requriement
Processing: Precision CNC machine or injection molding.


Working temperature: 260-340 centigrade
Flame retadant: V-0
Excellent dimension stability
Good toughness and rigidity,
High hardness, excellent wear resistance.
Good insulation, anti-ydrolysis, radiation-resistant

Industry Application:
1. Semiconductor machinery components
2. Aerospace parts
3. Sealing part
4. Pump and valve components
5. Bearings \ bushings \Gear
6. Electrical components
7. Medical instrument parts
8. Food processing machinery components
9. Oil intrutry
10. Automatic intrutry

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