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Big Dimension PEEK Sealing Ring
  • Brief Introduction:
  • It is a special built-in spring with a high-performance PEEK seals.
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    • Big Dimension PEEK Sealing Ring
Quick Detail:

Model NO.: PEEK

Application: Electric

Density: 1.3

Continuous Use Temperature: 260

Bending Strength: 163

Rockwell Hardness: 99

Trademark: JUNHUA PEEK

Material: Peek

Color: Gray and Yellow, Black

Mold Shrinkage: 1.2

Pulled Intensity: 100

Lzod Impact Strength (Notched): No Break

Friction Coefficient: 0.30-0.38

Origin: Jiangsu Junhua

ColorGray and Yellow, Black
Mold Shrinkage1.2
Continuous Use Temperature260
Pulled Intensity100
Bending Strength163
Lzod Impact Strength (Notched)No Break
Rockwell Hardness99
Friction Coefficient0.30-0.38

It is a special built-in spring with a high-performance PEEK seals.

Sealing Characteristics:

Excellent dry running capability and high seals efficiency after a short running-in period
Reduced wear and friction due to better seals material characteristics
Versatile seals pressure through various spring and seal profile design
Excellent chemical and thermal resistance
No volumetric change caused by swelling or shrinkage, good dimensional stability
Compact seals, well fit in standard O-ring grooves in accordance with AS 568A
Very long shelf life
Sterilize in autoclaves or with any possible agen --except radioactive radiation
Prevent any contamination from the seals
No stick-slip effect even at very low speed
Very low friction
Very small start-up or breakaway force especially for prolonged period out of operation or intermediate operation

As face seals for swivel joints in loading or unloading arm equipment
As needle seals for the paint valves in painting equipment
As shaft and static seals in vacuum pumps
As seals for the filling valves of beverage or beer bottling plants and other foodstuffs industry
As better alternatives in hydraulic components, e. G. High pressure cylinders, low friction cylinders, steering units, and shock absorbers
In chemical plant equipment and construction
In the automobile and aerospace industries
In metering units
In process equipment and vessel construction
High wear resulted from high lateral load or poor concentric running condition

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