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1/4-28"PEEK Tees Connect
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  • PEEK in the analytical instruments industry has been very successful application...
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    • 1/4-28"PEEK Tees Connect
Quick Detail:

Model NO.: PEEK

Connection: Peek

Density: 1.3

Mold Shrinkage: 1.2

Pulled Intensity: 100

Lzod Impact Strength (Notched): No Break

Friction Coefficient: 0.30-0.38

Material: PEEK

Color: Gray and Yellow, Black

Water Absorption: 0.5

Continuous Use Temperature: 260

Bending Strength: 163

Rockwell Hardness: 99

PEEK in the analytical instruments industry has been very successful application of the instrument to change the channel or switch to a different brand of column material using PEEK tubing and fittings will be very convenient. PEEK tubing is easy to connect, PEEK connectors not only without tools, hand screw can be fixed, and easy to adjust the length of the pipeline outside the cone hoop, convenient and different brands or specifications of the column phase. PEEK tube with inert to most chemical solvents and biological compatibility with other characteristics, can replace stainless steel, PTFE tube for conventional liquid analysis system. PEEK with stainless steel pipes and tubes of different titanium, PEEK tube with toughness, easy interception, PEEK polymer can be used pipe fittings.

Our Processing Capacity: 

1, PEEK, PAI, PI special engineering plastics and composite materials formulation design modification; 

2, PEEK, PAI, PI special engineering plastics injection molding products, machining; 

3, drawings according to products, 3D modeling; 

4, special engineering plastics injection molding abrasive products, design, manufacture; 

5, customers with special engineering plastics application development of new products and production; 

6, offer free proofing service according to customer drawings or samples; 

7, provide hardness, mechanical properties, friction and wear performance testing services 

8, injection molding die nearly a thousand species existing aerospace industry, automotive, electronics semiconductor industry, analytical 

instruments industry, beverage filling machinery industry, oil and petrochemical industry, the medical device industry, etc. PEEK parts; 

9, PEEK, PI, PVDF, PEI, PPS, PPSU plates, rods, tubes, sheet continuously extruded. 

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