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Thermoplastic composite technology or the introduction of new aircraft

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British precision plastic injection molding specialist Denroy Plastics and Bombardier and Victrex jointly developed a new bracket technology. The new carriage technology is suitable for aircraft wings, central wing box and the mailbox of the hydraulic and fuel bracket, can be at least 40% lighter than the metal. The bracket is made of static dissipative VICTREX PEEK-ESD polymer, which is designed for commercial aircraft such as the Bombardier C series, business jets. The goal is to replace small and medium size of the machine plus aluminum alloy, titanium bracket. Although many of the brackets have been immersed in the fuel, they have to be used to terminate the aircraft life.

    "We are investing in a number of manufacturing units dedicated to the production of PEEK brackets," said Denroy Plastics' sales and marketing manager. "We now develop an optimized plastic film process and invest in new equipment." Victorrex's advice and support is to deliver durable, It is very valuable to design a bracket that is at least 40% lighter. "He is very optimistic about the future of the PEEK bracket.

    For Bombardier, the new carriage technology brings considerable fuel cost savings. In addition. Costs in the manufacturing process are also reduced due to curing of parts, overall complex profile, elimination of secondary processing (processing and spraying), and reduction of scrap and production time. "Through a range of PEEK-class products, Victrex is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges of aerospace, such as weight reduction and simplified manufacturing processes," said Dr. Droroy's successful practice in the automotive industry to make this knowledge available to the automotive industry, Victrex Aerospace Strategic Business Unit Director, And experience to the design and production of aerospace components. "

    For the Denroy bracket, Victrex uses a special packing that does not damage under shear stress, such as by throttling the inner gate opening, in order to support design freedom so that the brackets can be optimally optimized. This allows the molded parts to be produced under optimum molding conditions without affecting the electrostatic discharge properties of the parts.

- cited from "reinforced plastic"

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