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PI Insulation Ring
  • Brief Introduction:
  • 1. High temperature resist.
    2. Good price&High quality
    3. Providing timely...
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    • PI Insulation Ring
Quick Detail:
Model NO.: PEEKMaterial: Pi

1. High temperature resist.
2. Good price&High quality
3. Providing timely&accurate quotation
4. Own excellent performance

PI board/plate/sheet(products) own high temperature resist, corrosion resistance and excellent electrical proerties.

Various of sizes PI board/plate/sheet(products) provided.

Polyemide is one of the best comprehensive performance organic polymer materials. So PI plastic products/parts own these characteristics.
1. High temperature resist up tp 400 deg
2. Can be long-term used in temperature range of -200deg to 300 deg.
3. No obvious melting point
4. High insulation performance, insulation grade is F to H class etc.
PI plastic products/parts can work well in the environment which related with the above request.

Other PI plastic products/parts we provided have pi plastic screw, pi plastic gasket, pi rod, pi nut, pi rods, pi tube, pi piston, pi sleeve, pi gear, pi guitar pick and so on.

Except PI plastic board/plate/sheet/products, Changzhou JunHua Rubber also provide PEEK board, PAI board, PPS board, POM board, PTFE board, PVDF board, PFA board, PA board etc.

Changzhou JunHua high performance specialty engineering plastics (PEEK) products co. Ltd. Have more than ten rich experience and professional technical personnel in marketing and making different Special Engineering Plastic Products. We trust we will be your reliable supplier if you choose us.
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