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PEEK Gears with Good Wearability
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  • PEEK Gear:
    1. Working temperature: 260-340 centigrade
    2. Color: White, black, ...
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    • PEEK Gears with Good Wearability
Quick Detail:

Model NO.: PEEK

Density: 1.3

Mold Shrinkage: 1.2

Pulled Intensity: 100

Lzod Impact Strength (Notched): No Break

Friction Coefficient: 0.30-0.38

Origin: Jiangsu Changzhou

Color: Gray and Yellow, Black

Water Absorption: 0.5

Continuous Use Temperature: 260

Bending Strength: 163

Rockwell Hardness: 99

Trademark: JUNHUA PEEK

Peek Gear:

1. Working temperature: 260-340 centigrade
2. Color: White, black, natural
3. Flame retardant: UL V-0
Item: Two layers PEEK gear

Material: PEEK 
Color: White, black, natural, beige
Size: According to custom's requirement, drawing will be highly appreciated.
Weight: From 0.01gram to 10kgs
Tolerence: +/-0.04-0.1mm, according to requriement
Processing: Precision CNC machine or injection molding.
Working temperature: 260-340 centigrade
Flame retadant: V-0
Excellent dimension stability
Good toughness and rigidity,
High hardness, excellent wear resistance.
Good insulation, anti-ydrolysis, radiation-resistant

Industry Application:
1. Semiconductor machinery components
2. Aerospace parts
3. Sealing part
4. Pump and valve components
5. Bearings \ bushings \Gear
6. Electrical components
7. Medical instrument parts
8. Food processing machinery components
9. Oil intrutry
10. Automatic intrutry

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