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Continuous Extrusion PEI Rods
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  • PEI only high mechanical performance, also has excellent thermal and chemical st...
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    • Continuous Extrusion PEI Rods
Quick Detail:

Model NO.: PEI

Water Absorption: 0.5

Color: Gray and Yellow, Black

Mold Shrinkage: 1.2

Pulled Intensity: 100

Lzod Impact Strength (Notched): No Break

Friction Coefficient: 0.30-0.38

Origin: Changzhou, Jiangsu

Material: PEI

Tensile Strength: (81~130)MPa

Density: 1.3

Continuous Use Temperature: 260

Bending Strength: 163

Rockwell Hardness: 99

Trademark: Changzhou, Jiangsu


High TemperatureWear
Self-LubricatingLight Weight
High PurityResistance to Radiation

PEI only high mechanical performance, also has excellent thermal and chemical stability (continuous use temperature of about 170C °), as well as high dimensional stability and creep strength.It also has very good resistance to radiation and hydrolysis resistance (which can be used in the pharmaceutical field).It becomes very low smoke and high resistance, and divided according to UL94 V-0 standard grade (available from off), its application in the field of manned aircraft possible.Its unique thermoplastic plastic torsional strength, making it a cheap alternative to small steel cutting parts.
High strength;High stiffness;High hardness;High heat without deformation;High impact toughness;A low thermal expansion coefficient;High chemical stability;From the weather conditions;Able to withstand radiation exposure;Self-extinguishing (without resistance flame retardants);Low smoke emission rate;High torsional strength.
Disadvantages:Tensile crack General
Electronic components, food industry, vehicle manufacturing, dental measuring tools, pump housing

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