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30mm Diameter Continuous Extrusion PPSU Rods
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  • Sulfone polymer resin (PSF / PSU / PES / PASF) Characteristics and applications ...
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    • 30mm Diameter Continuous Extrusion PPSU Rods
Quick Detail:

Model NO.: PPSU

Water Absorption: 0.5

Color: Gray and Yellow, Black

Mold Shrinkage: 1.2

Pulled Intensity: 100

Lzod Impact Strength (Notched): No Break

Friction Coefficient: 0.30-0.38

Origin: Changzhou, Jiangsu

Material: PPSU

Tensile Strength: (81~130)MPa

Density: 1.3

Continuous Use Temperature: 260

Bending Strength: 163

Rockwell Hardness: 99

Trademark: Changzhou, Jiangsu

High TemperatureWear
Self-LubricatingLight Weight
High PurityResistance to Radiation

Sulfone polymer resin (PSF / PSU / PES / PASF) Characteristics and applications
1, features
a, sulfone resin is an amorphous thermal plastic:
A high degree of transparency;
High hydrolytic stability: article can withstand repeated steam sterilization (145 ºC steam life at least 12 years);
b, rigidity and toughness: can maintain the physical and mechanical properties and electrical properties over a wide range.
c, continuous use temperature:
PSF (PSU): 140 ºC;
PES: 180 ºC;
d, unique flame resistance, low smoke and chemical resistance, and processing Shihai have high melt viscosity, easy to obtain uniform performance products.
Wide Range of Uses:
1, suitable for production of heat-resistant parts, insulating parts, less wear resistant parts, instrument parts and medical equipment parts, polyarylsulfone suitable for production of low-temperature working parts.
2, polysulfone in electrical and electronic industry commonly used in the manufacture of integrated circuit boards, coil tube rack, contactor, sets of planes, film capacitors, high-performance alkaline battery case.
3, polysulfone in domestic appliances for microwave oven equipment, coffee heaters, humidifiers, hair dryer, cloth evaporated machines, beverage and food distributor, eating utensils, cups, bottles and the like. Can also be used in place of non-ferrous metal clocks, copiers, cameras and other sophisticated structures.
4, polysulfone has passed the US pharmaceutical, food industry relevant specification, can replace stainless steel products. Because polysulfone resistance, steam, water resistance, non-toxic, high temperature steam sterilization, high transparency, good dimensional stability and other characteristics, can be used as a surgical tool tray, spray, fluid control, heart valves, pacemakers, gas masks, dentures and the like.
** Due PPSU for relief material, free of carcinogenic chemicals disrupt the endocrine (hormonal environment: bisphenol A), and as a material excellent in heat resistance, heat resistance at temperatures up to 207 degrees. Due to repeated high-temperature boiling, steam sterilization. It has a very good acid and alkali resistance and can withstand general medicine and detergent wash, does not produce chemical changes. Terms of lightweight, impact, in terms of security, temperature, hydrolysis and impact resistance, etc. are the best. But the price is relatively expensive.

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